19 Jan 2015

OOTD - the Boyfriend.

Hi my lovelies thought I'd try something different today and show you one of the outfits my other half Sydney wore back in the summer for a BBQ. It was a lovely hot day and his sister got married the day before in a marquee on their fathers land. We still had it up and so ended up having a BBQ in it the next day. I personally love his style, being a mountain biker with a lot of tricks up his sleeve he always dresses causal and easy for riding.

Nike 9.0 t-shirt, primark mens skinny jeans D.I.Y'ed into shorts, black and white Vans & shoelace for a belt.

The shoelace belt is again to do with his riding as a normal belt cuts into your waist whilst mid-air perfuming tricks. He's a fan of white socks with shorts and vans, but on a to day like Sunday decided to just go bare footed in his Vans.
Hope you enjoyed this different post of mine.

Also heres some pictures of the marquee the day after the wedding while we where cleaning up. Sydney took some beautiful pictures of the wedding that I'll have to get for another post.

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