18 Jan 2015

Sunday recap #1

Morning everyone, today is a lighthearted post. Basically a little recap of the week, we started the week off on a high with my lovely new chic layout all thanks to the talented people over at pipdig. The night it launched I saw my blog double in views even though all posts bar one where down. Me and my other half (Sydney) have now settled into our new flat and a lot of the anxiety we both were suffering from has completely disappeared since moving out of our old flat. It's amazing how much just a chance of space can not only help stress, but motivate and improve your lifestyle.
This week I finally god my nose pierced. Random I know, but something I've debated doing for ages. That may seem odd to a few of you as I have a few large tattoos that I would need to think over something so small and easily removed as a piercing, but in all honestly I think through everything before I go ahead and do it. It doesn't need to have meaning to me, I just need to know that it's what I want... saying that I am craving a new piece for my legs. 

Here a few images taken from this past week.

1.New haul uploaded to my youtube. 2. Discovered the Yo!Sushi mega bowl. 3.Tried out a fisheye lense and kinda real want one now. 4. PLL'S is now available on Netflix = Life complete. 5. Injected some colour into my wardrobe. 6. Bought a new crystal pendent.. the start of many cresols to come. 7. Finally updated m blog layout. 8. The weather took a turn for the worst. 9. VMing all week at work for spring launch. 

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