29 Jan 2015

Yes to Cucumber Soothing Hypoallergenic Facial Towelettes

Hi guys today i wanted to talk about a product that i couldn't do without, I discovered them back in May14 and have been in love ever since. . Its the Yes to cucumbers soothing facial wipes. First off I really like the packaging of these wipes, with their clip down plastic lid to stop the product from drying out; it's always a good call. Secondly these wipes are 98% natural and are cruelty free. I've heard mixed reviews on the smell of these wipes, to me personally they smell more like aloe vera when first opened, with the cucumber scent becoming more apparent once you start to apply the wipe to your face.

The wipe itself is brilliant at removing all trance of makeup (including my waterproof mascara with a strong hand) and have a great damp consistency. They leave my skin feeling soft and clean with no residue on the skin and causes no irritation. I'm lazy and sometimes you just need to use a face wipe or you'll end up sleeping in your makeup ( don't act lime you have never done it). To be perfectly honest i feel like when i don't have them on hand my skin actually gets worse and feels more dry and irritable.

What skincare products are you guys enjoying at the moment? Let me know if you have anything that you think I should try. 

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