19 Feb 2015

La Roche-Posay Thermal spring water review

Hey guys so toady I have a little review for you on a skin care product that I've been loving. Ive seen a lot of people on Youtube and blogs always taking about Thermal water sprays and to be honey its just something that seemed a little silly to me. Why would I pay for a bottle of water to spray on my face?.. So of course i shrugged it off and continued on with life. It seemed everywhere i looked thermal sprays kept cropping up and more and more people where talking about their love for them, so in the end I decided to pick one up that Id heard a lot of people mention as t was too expensive (expensive enough for water though) and give it ago.

What the  Company Claims About the Product:
• 100% pure natural spring water.
• Naturally containing a high concentration of the element Selenium (53 ug/liter) to provide powerful anti-oxidant protection.
• This soothing water tones and refreshes skin, preparing it for treatment.
• Also appropriate for anti-inflammatory care following in-office procedures like chemical peels, laser resurfacing and microdermabrasion.

So basically its a toner and to be honest I use a natural rose-water toner everyday anyway so I guess in some ways i was already buying into the hype without even thinking about it. Typical of me. First off I really like how fine the mist is that it produces,  its like a very fine mist of moister in compassion to some sprays that soot out so face they can make you jump. I love how i can be used under or over makeup, i like to give my skin a quick mist in the morning to hydrate it and help with any dry patches that i get on my skin and then also a mist sometimes in the day if my skin feels like it needs a pick-me up. Ive also been sick recently so my skin is all over the place and this thermal water is really helping to calm it down. I've even found that a light spay after waxing my eyebrows reduced the redness and made it easier to apply makeup after.

I feel its a great product for anyone with dry skin like mine and would also work miracles on Intolerant skin, anyone with Eczema (atopic dermatitis) and Rosacea. I haven't heard how it reacts to oily skin, but its water, so i really can see it doing any harm. If you've tried this product then let me know how you got on with it.

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