8 Feb 2015

Sunday recap #2

I decided against doing these weekly as I feel they could defiantly become repetive and almost a bit of a bore. So instead I felt like I would only recap on Sundays where I feel like I have something to say... Today if course being one of those days. Infact life seems a little sureal today, I'm sat here in my lovely little city flat, with my obnoxiously handsome boyfriend drinking decafe freshly brewed coffee, listening to City and Colour's Bring me your love album while he reads and I write this. How hipster of us, ha.

This week, well to be honest this whole month has flown by. I've been trying to put as much of my free time into my YouTube, I'm afraid this blog has lacked a bit of attention, but I'm sure I will work out a happy middle ground with it all soon. We have had snow and sunshine and just about every kind of weather in between. Windswept makeovers have been a highlight along with long hot baths to warm the soul. We have taken to most nights becoming a movie night with duvet included. Some film highlights have been In time (this was a recommendation that both me and the boyfriend really enjoyed), If I stay (broke us into a sobbing mess) and This is England (one of my all time favourites).

I discovered a few way of thinking after reading a book called 'F**k it, the ultimate spiritual way' by John C. Parkin. It's a bit of lighthearted reading that can really help give you a new prospective of thinking. I've realised sometimes I can't do everything and it's good to be a little selfish. I plan to try and get into a good fitness routine this month and maybe start painting again if I have time. I've also started to take current books I'm reading to work to have something over the just searching the internet on my lunch. I'm about to start Alexa Chung's IT. Bit of a cult classic, if anyone's read it let me know what you thought.

1. Coffee starts in the cold mornings. 2. Im so excited for this movie! 3. Discovering new music. 4. New reads. 5. My favour spot to watch the world go by. 6. My 'go to' snack 7. Good makeup day. 8. OOTD 9. New youtube video.

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