13 Feb 2015

Valentines survival guide

Hey lovelies, if you haven't noticed it's nearly valentines day.. Which means a bunch of people uploading to their instragms how much they love bae. What gifts they recived and all that crap. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a bitter forever alone kinda girl. I've been with my other half for almost 4 years, I just don't understand the hype of valentines and the pressure it puts people under to buy gifts and have relationships. So I decided to write a few tips and avoiding all those loved up couples or crying into your pillow as every film on the television is about the great love story theatre ever happened..

1. It is important to have a Netflix account. Why spend the day crying over those soppy love films on TV such as The Notebook, wishing Ryan Gosling would notice to you when you could be in bed watching F.r.i.e.n.d.s or better still seeing someone get brutally killed in a horror movie like Haunting in Connecticut. It's a no brainer really. 

2. Who needs lunch when you could just buy all the valentines chocolates on offer and eat your feelings? All chocolate bars a £1 you say?! Well I'm there then. This is defiantly a positive that comes out of the holiday, even if you have no feelings to eat because your hearts made out of stone you still can't denied that chocolatly goodness. 

3. Bed. Just say there, need I say more. 

4. Now the internet is a wonderful place, but on such a day as valentines I would highly suggest avoiding it unless you want to here about 'how amazing bae is' and all the other beautiful statuses and Ingram pictures and proposals that will fill ALL your media platforms. If you need a new app to go on to fulfil you urge to be online I surgest the Dominos app, although to be honest I will mostly like be resorting back to tip number 2. (It's just cheaper and again moleteaser bunnies!!) 

5. Finally you could always buy yourself presents if you really feel lonely. Order flowers to be delivered to yourself, the delivery man will be impressed that someone loves you. Upload to Instagram that new perfume Bae (you) bought and refuse to give information on who the mistery man is. No one will ever no.. You can even buy more chocolate to save for a later post when you and bae (yourself) decided to break it off. 

I hope these handy survival tips help you get though the magical day that is valentines. They have helped me many a time and are I fact the law I live by now. These work brilliantly for all you single Pringles and can even be for you couples who don't feel the need to cram your love down other peoples throats (couples may not need to use number 5) although I find myself still buying my own flowers so... 

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