24 May 2015

Sunday recap #4

Is it me, or is this year flying by? I can't quite grasp that its he end of May already. So I have recently had a lovely time with the family, we took a boat trip up the broads for the first time, which is a summer must for the people of Norfolk. Me and my other half bought a smoothie maker and attempted our first smoothies.. they where delicious. I kept on track with my youtube.. kind of, i had the family down so it was quite difficult. My days off have been spey listing to records and sitting in cool hipster coffee shops. We visited a few national trust places, mostly old manner houses that where once owned by our kings and queens and walked trough their truly breath taking gardens. We are now looking to book some time in the sun next month, somewhere like Majorca. I'm extremely excited now that Sydney has got his passport renewed so we can finally look into all the places we want to travel... big plans for next year.

Hope your all having a lovely week too, let me know of any holiday recommendations. 

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