12 Dec 2015

That Primark jumper

This jumper has been everywhere since the Primark AW15 preview event and I have to admit as soon as I saw it, I knew I was going to be searching the Norwich store high and low looking for it. Luckily they had plenty in stock when I poped in last month and so there was no need to elbow strangers in the face to get it, (just kidding ofcourse). I personally like it for lazing around the house in or for just piping to town or the supermarket. I tend to pair it with black skinny jeans, black vans and lots of necklaces. 

I kinda love how it's too big for me, that tends to be the kind of tops and jumpers I generally gravitate towards. Guess I just like to be comfortable more then anything. It's quite a low Vneck so you defiantly want some sort of vest to or tshirt underneath unless of course you are happy to have your cleavage showing I just found it was too much on my little boobs and so it didn't look great on me personally, but I got some knee tattoo cleavage to compensate! 

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