4 Jan 2016

2015 review

This year has been for the most part incredible. 2015 dished out a lot and I'm happy to say it was a lot of positive energy. I feel this year I have started to come out of my shell more on my YouTube and have met some amazing people through it along side experiencing beautiful memorable moments with the people most important to me. 

5 highs of this year (in no order)

- Spending Christmas and celebrating the New Year with mine and Sydney's family.
- Watching the sun set while sipping cocktails in Spain on mine and Sydney's first holiday away together (after 4 years of dating/living together).
- Seeing my baby cousin come out of Hospital and make a full recovery.
- Sydney teaching me to skateboard.
- Sucessfulling lived independently and bought coasters like really adults.

All in all this year has been a good one, my mother is still doing well post her second cancer treatment and has been approved to see a surgeon in the new year to have reconstruction. We had a beautiful summer, I fact I feel like it was the first real summer ice had since being a child. Discovering new place to sit and read, learning to skateboard going abroad and also we took a week off to enjoy a English summer holiday with my parents. I also found out how important the British Bakeoff is in my life and of course any year that realises a new StarWars film is a good year.

5 YouTube and blog achievements 

- I redisigned my blog this year to be a more simple and crisp platform to read. I'm so happy with the way it looks now.
- YouTube as unforchantly moved a little slower then I had planned due to full time work however I was still able to put out more videos then 2014.
- I've stayed true to myself in regards to what I post, how I talk and portray myself. Which in this day and age can become harder then it looks.
- I got to meet some inspirational people while living in Norwich in the blogging/YouTube world and some I am happy to call my friends.
- I put my name out there, I went to fashion and beauty events, gave out my business cards and former new clients, work partnerships and just generally helped my little blog/channel blossom a little more.

5 pearonal goals for 2016

- I would love to grow my channel and Blog and plan to work hard on it this year to double the views.
- To find a new home closer to our family and friends (4 hour drive was too much.)
- Continue my tattoo journey and fill up some more space on my legs and maybe branch out into my arm.
- To visit a new country. Sydney and I would love to visit America, or The Deminacon of Republic to visit his family out there and do some sight seeing.
- To find a career... And enjoy it. I sadly ever knew what I wanted to do growing up and have forever been searching. My search continues, but I'm hopeful I'll find something this year. 

All in all I have nothing but love for 2914, it reintroduced me to Justin Bieber, New Found Glory and some other old favourites. The highs have out numbered the lows and I've started the year of with the people I care most about. I hope you all have enjoyed the festive season and that 2016 brings you love and happiness. I also want to take this time to thank you for all your support throughout the year and I hope to bring you a lot more content to read in the new year. 

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