14 Jan 2016

#MACEllieGoulding review

Today I wanted to give you a little review on the Mac Ellie Goulding collection that came out just before Christmas. I was hoping to get this post up a lot sooner then this, but I actually lost my package in the post and it finally showed up a few days ago which of course made me jump for joy after thinking id lost money. When I first saw this collection I didn't think I would end up loving it as much as I am. The peachy pinks shades work extremely well for my skin tone without looking to in your face or extreme.

What's in the collection

  • Lipstick (cremesheen) in Only You (muted mid-tone coral) & Without Your Love (warm seashell pink) £17
  • Plushglass in  Explosion (light golden shimmer) & Goodness Gracious (creamy pinky peach) £19
  • Patent Polish Lip Pencil in Innocent (nude beige) & Revved Up (creamy peach) £19
  • Haute & Naughty Too Black Lash £19
  • Fluidline – Blacktrack £16
  • Halcyon Nights Eyeshadow Palette £39.50
  • Halcyon Days Eyeshadow Palette £39.50
  • Lustre Drops Pink Rebel (pink with gold pearl) £18
  • Veluxe Brow Pencil – Strawberry Blonde (soft beige taupe) £16
  •  Powder Blush (Duo) – I’ll Hold My Breath (medium warm bronze/peachy pink) matte/satin £23
I personally picked up the lipstick in Only You, both plushglasses and the powder blush in Ill Hold My Breath. I've never tried the Mac Plushglasses before and they tend to have extremely hit or miss reviews so I thought as I already have a tone of their lipsticks this time round I would try the Plushglasses instead.  I found them both to have sheer a fairly pigmentation.The formula is smooth and hydrating, with these shades leaving a lovely glossy finish. I bought them with the intentions of wearing them over lipsticks so I wasn't wanting a thick heavy colour when I decided to opt for these.

Mac's Only You lipstick is s a soft peachy neutral coral sprinkled with very subtle golden micro-shimmer. It is the slightly darker of the two shades available, although if I'm honest they looked almost identical in person. Its a creme sheen formula which is personally one of my favourite formulas from Mac as I have quid dry lips. This lipstick is perfect combination of gloss and pigment and they are the most comfortable to wear. 

Finally we have the I'll Hold My Breath Powder blush. When I first saw this I was altomatocally draw in by the beautiful packaging of the product. I have to admit that the mac limited addiction powders do seem to be my main downfall.  I then became extremely unsure if the powder bronzer would be too dark or muddy on my complexion, but after applying it I've found to to be a lovely ? that works beautifully at warming up my face. The blush on the other hand slightly disappointed me. It's a lovely of pinky coral satin, but I found it to be quite chalky and powdery. Although it is a product that can still be worked with and being such a lovely shade I defiantly will, there is still the risk of easily going overboard with it due to the consistsy of the formula.

All in all I think the collection overall is extremely beautiful to not only look at but wear. The shades are suttle but enhancing. I'm really impressed with the shade range, packaging and quality of this collection. I've even started debating getting the other lipstick from the range. Well done Ellie on a gorgeous collection!

Have you tried anything from the MAC x Ellie Goulding collection?

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