3 Feb 2016

My fitness journey

Today I wanted to talk about my plan to loose a bit of excess tummy fat and tone up for the year. I've never been someone to hate or even dislike my body, but back in 2013 I became quite home sick and depressed. I was signed off work and left doing nothing but comfort eating and woloing in self pity. This lead to a fluctuation in my size and only increased my depression. When I went home for Christmas at the end of that year was when I actually looked myself in a mirror and realised I'd completely changed.
I've never been great at cardio, swimming was my sport, but after a terrible injury a few years back that put me in a wheelchair for over a year, I've never quite built my stamina up again. Running makes me feel like a dick and my boyfriend is a keen cyclist so I always feel under pressure to keep up with him when cycling. I did however manage to loose the weight from waking everywhere and being on my feet at work all day. However recently I've got lazy and my mother is sick, I'm spiralling back into my old ways and my flat bum and muffin top are suddenly an issue. A stupid thing to worry about, I know, but I think it's good for me to act now and do something for my self confidence rather then end up stressed out with everything and have body issues on my mind too.
So this is where I'm starting from. Please understand I in no means feel like I'm fat or hate my body, I just want to be healthy with a toned bum and give myself a goal before I end up stressed out and depressed.

I'm currently a size 8/10, which is fine with me and I weigh around 9 1/2 stone, again not an issue. My goals are as follows:

- Tone up my bum so it's not a flat pancake.
- Improve my stamina through cardio so I can run/jog/swim for longer. (I die after about 10mins of jogging.)
- Tone up my tummy, loose my muffin top and just have a flat stomach.
- Improve my flexibility through yoga 

I plan to do this through my new exercise bike, pilates, yoga and a bit of weight training. I also have been working on my diet. I've cut right back on energy drinks and am working on more healthier meal choices. As I stated before its not about numbers for me it's more about just seeing results. I shall try and write up a progress report in a months time. Are you on a fitness hype? 

Let me know if you have any tips.

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