24 Mar 2016

Bleach London white toner review

Hello my lovelies! Sorry I’ve been a bit MIA recently, life got in the way.  Today I wanted to do a product review. Because the two end to come hand in hand when it comes to me. So the product I’m review today is the Bleach London white toner.
I’ve seen really mixed reviews f this online and so I wanted to give it a go myself. As we all know I’ve been a platinum blonde before and let me tell you upkeep isn’t easy, or cheap, which is why when I saw a drugstore alterative I felt I needed to try that bad boy out.  My hair is currently (or was at the start of this blog post) a brown to blonde ombre. I wanted to make the ends more a white blonde and have a less brassy overall appearance to my colour, which is everything this product claims to do. Bleach London's White Toner is a dye-based toner, this retails at £7, but Boots have a three for two offer on Bleach London products at the moment.

What’s in the box:
  • · Instructions
  • · Gloves
  • · A bottle of developing lotion
  • · A tube of colourant
  • · One 50ml bottle of reincarnation mask

After leaving it on for the full-recommended time, I’m actually really happy with the results. It defiantly did what I wanted it to do. The ends of my hair where left a beautiful white blonde, with the brassier tones had been reduced dramatically. If you are looking for a toner to remove brassiness then this may be perfect for you. This toner did that part of the job but if you are looking for a full head toner then I’m not sure this will be strong enough unless you hair is pretty much white blonde to begin with and you just need a top up. The toner has similar results to the Touch of Silver shampoo, which is cheaper although, Bleach London's did do a better job at toning out the yellow without leaving your hair with purple patches.

Have you tried this toner? How did you get on with it?
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