1 Mar 2016

Casual luxuary

To me there is nothing more sexy then a women embracing her body. I think this is the reason I've fallen so inlove with triangle bra's since the summer time. None of this push up, padded out nonces, just a women embracing what she has to offer. I personally feel empowered and sexy when I wear them and so I should, there is nothing wrong with loving your body. 
H&M is probably my favourite place to buy them from and I would say almost all mine are from there. Not only do they fit lovely, but are also priced between £5-£15 so what's there not to love. Another great place to purchase them is ASOS, although they can start off cheap they do range in price and some of the pretty ones can cost unite a fair bit. My personal favourite (and also my first) is my black mesh American apparel triangle bra. I feel like they almost paved the way for the trend being one of the first to provid a sexy non-padded or under-wired triangle bra. Before that they all seemed a bit frumpy and old fashioned.
The material is so soft and thin that your boobs still feel free but just a bit more protected. They are not only pretty but also perfect to laze around in and still feel chilled and comfy.

                                                Are you also loving this trend? Wheres your favourite bra from?

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