10 Mar 2016

Hair inspiration for summer 2016

Hey guys I'm all tucked up ill in bed currently, so I thought a simple inspiration post would fit lovely while I wallow in self pity. While I've been bed ridden one thing has become apparent. I'm ready for a new fun and colourful do. Below are some images off twitter, instagram and pintrest that have been inspiring me to change it up a little. 

As you can probably tell from the images I'm thinning of roughly keeping the length I already have, but i might have a slight trim and then keeping my natural hair colour onto but fading it to into a more fun colour. I feel like to get the best results I'm going to need to tone my ombre grey/white and then fade up the second colour. Or maybe just keep it grey haha. These colours will be great fun for the sum me time.

What are your thought on coloured hair? i know it can be a very love/hate style, but with pedants who here both punks in the 80's i feel like doing things like this is just in my blood ha. 

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