26 Mar 2016

Hair update

Hey again lovelies, today I have a follow on post to last weeks. As you know (or should have read) I decided to lighten my ombre in the goals to make it a whiter tone.  This was not just for any old reason. I had a plan. This was to lighten the blonde enough to add a bright colour that I could fade up my ombre to my brown hair. The colour I had chosen was washed up Mermaid by Bleach London. A striking teal shade that I had instantly fallen in love with upon seeing. Bleach London air colours are semi-permanent dyes that are said to last between 3-10 washes. The dyes are ‘ready-to-go’ and so don’t need anything added to them before being applied to blonde hair.

So I did a bit (a weeks worth) of research before actually going ahead with the product and again, just like the toner, there where very mixed reviews on these dyes. I came to the conclusion that I didn’t need to add conditioner to the dye. I usually do this when using a bright ‘ready-to-use’ coloured dye so that it becomes a lot less pigmented in colour. This means I get a more pastel shade that I desire.  The Bleach London dyes seem to be pastel shaded to begin with and a lot of the reviews I watched the used conditioner tended to cancel out any colour on their hair all together. The other issue that arose was that people weren’t reading the directions, this dye directs you to wet hair before use and does not call for you to shampoo your hair when washing the product out. So naturally I just followed the directions correctly.

I have mixed results on the finally result. The colour itself came out lovely, one my white blonde ends it took really well and was much more vibrant then I had originally thought it would be. The colour didn’t take to the ombre as well as I had hoped though, it’s a mixture or blonde, brassy and teal tones, but mostly still quite brassy. I knew it wouldn’t do as great a job there though as the blonde isn’t white enough. I’m just not sure how well the shade suits me although as the days go on I am becoming more used to it. Overall I think I’m happy with it the product itself worked great, just as long as you read the directions carefully and get you hair to the lightest possible shade of blonde before hand. It was really easy to use and you get a fair amount of product and I think it is definitely worth £5 and it's great for a short term/weekend/school holiday change!

I did I whole vlog styled video of me doing it over on my Youtube channel if you would like to check it out. What do you guys think of the Bleach London coloured dyes?

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