31 Mar 2016

Hill top views

Morning guys. I hope the Easter break treated you well and that you’re all caught up on rest and family time. Today I wanted to share some picture from good Friday with you.  Sydney and me decided to take a little break form life and have 4 days away to recuperate and spend some time together.
I don’t really know how to describe my fashion as it is constantly changing to go along side my mood, but on a weekend break its safe to say I like to be minimal and comfortable. Which is of course the look I am sharing with you today. This is easily my most ‘go to’ style combination, with my absolute favourite Zara Jeans (that you see all the time) and these easy throw on Zara t-shirts (which are a bargain at £7 each.)  I actually have this top in white, black and a navy stripe as well as this black striped one.  We decided to take a long walk up a Hill close by where you are able to see the city of Gloucester on one side and the rolling hills of the country side on the other. Also there is an old abandoned war bunker situated at the very top, just to add to the atmosphere.

It was such a lovely weekend. The sun finally came out in England and it was warm enough to go out in a t-shirt and sit in the garden for a few drinks. Lets hope the sun his here to stay!  

How did you spend your Easter weekend?

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