5 Mar 2016

Inherited products haul

Hello my lovelies today I have a slightly different kind of haul. My mother is currently undergoing Chemotherapy and is therefor unable to use certain products on her skin. The problem is, she is a massive skin care fanatic (as am I) and so she has accumulated all these products which will now be going to waste. Enter the daughter who also has a hoarding products issue. So basically we have been looking into swapping her onto more natural products and as a result we have done a bit of a switch. I have quite a few products in my collection that are made out of quite basic ingredients that i have now passed on to her to try out and she has given me some serums and chemical peel type products to try out.

Some of the products include:

Dove Derma Spa summer revived (body lotion with Self-tanner)
Sancturay Spa 30 day youth revolution
ALPHA H liquid Laser
Percy & Reed Superglossing hair mask
Naturally Radiant glycol overnight peel
Macadamia oil extract foot pack x3
Cath kidston start collection body lotion
Mavala scientifique nail hardener
Mavala cuticle massage oil

To be honest some of the products would probably keep for a while, but as we don't know how long mum will be going through treatment (plus the fact that she still has a shit tone of stuff in the bathroom to use up) it seemed like a good idea to start working my way through these items.

Hopefully I should have reviews up on them very soon. I'd also like to ask if yo would be interested in posts regarding cancer. How we are coping.. what kind of products we recommend  is that something people would be interested in? 

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