29 Mar 2016

Instagram themes

Do we need them?

Hey lovelies today I want to talk Instagram. More specifically, Instagram themes. I been recently seeing a lot of people doing blog posts on how to achieve #Instagramthemegoals and I just thought id give my opinion on the whole idea. To be perfectly honest I’m not someone who has ever really cared about the ‘theme’ , but recently I feel like it's becoming more and more of a bigger deal. I do however use VSCOCam to have the same filter over all my images and tweak the lighting here and there.
The more I start actually putting time and effort into my YouTube and blog the more I see I should be expanding this across ever aspect of my social media output. I’ve gone from never tweeting, to now have a carefully planned tweet schedule, with images and text monitored so I don’t look like I’m over selling myself and now I’m debating reediting my entire Instagram feed. I’m not stupid enough to delete my whole account and start again, its taken the too long to build he the small number I have. Especially after all the spam account where taken down like 2 years ago and my poor feed took a big hit •crying face.• I do however feel like I need to bring more to the table and think about what I actually put out on my feed.  Here are a few themes I personally enjoy:



I think we can see a pattern here. I’m obviously drawn to more blue and monochrome tones. Water also tends to be something that I like on a Instagram feed, but I think that mostly due to how cold it is in England a he moment and that I’m craving for some sun and sea myself.
Of course this comes with it's own issues. First being, I like life and I just tend to forget about silly things like Instagram when I’m living in the moment. This needless to say this means I never really take pictures unless I’m at home bored, in the evening or if everyone’s at work. Doesn’t make a good theme to have a tone of selfies if you’re no makeup artist or what I made for lunch, when I suck at cooking.  So what’s a girl to do?!


The truth is, if you want to be a Blogger, YouTuber or any other kind of career that is heavily reliant on social media its extremely important to carry yourself across all the platforms you have.  It would seem that a lot of people who beautiful themes on Instagram have the largest following and tend to have the same flow of follower throughout all their social media accounts and sadly as much as we all just want enjoy the moments and not over edit our lives, if you want to make a career out of it you have to in some shape or form. I guess long story short, I have some work to do.

How do you guys feel about themes? I saw a helpful post by Inthefrow if you are looking for some tips or tricks.

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