12 Mar 2016

Trying to make a comeback

So it's no big secret that I've had both my blog and YouTube channel for at least 4 years if not long, but for some reason I find that extremely difficult to admit. I'm almost ashamed of it for not being bigger and having a lot interaction with other bloggers when it does. Today I was sat thinking about what else I could do to help improve my blog/YouTube and it just clicked. Why am I so ashamed? I know as a person I tend to spend a tone of time alone and I guess that reflects in my blog promotion  which is something that I am trying to work towards to fix. 

When I first created my channel it was purely to see how people would react to it. I was with a guy  and for many reasons it wasn't working out so I took to online for company and to feel appreciated again. I had never told him while we were together (it was a 3 year deal, so it wasn't like I didn't know him well enough) that I had a channel and was making videos online. Even in long term relationships you can feel insecure and not trust your partner, which looking back now I would tell anyone in that situation to walk away and 'do you' instead. So eventually that relationship all went south and after a holiday away with friends and some down time, in walks Sydney (my current other half.) Sydney is a completely different character to any other man I've ever dated. He's exciting, good-looking and always game for a good time. He has incredible hobbies and pushed me to do things I wouldn't dream of doing... And this was the start of the Charrlottelouise that is online today. I definitely believe that my channel would not excist if it wasn't for this guy. He pushes me to persue anything I want, his appearances on YouTube are always a hit on my channel and he keeps me grounded and never lets me slip into the online world of lies and fakery that so many people fall into. He's help me go from under 1,000 subscribers to 11,000 subscribers and I couldn't be more greatful. 
Sadly being an adult took its toll. Life got in the way and I started working 30 hours a week until eventually getting into a management position of 42 hours a week, plus taking home work rota's to write out and other such paperwork. This of course left my channel dormant for some time.

That of course leads us to today, where I realise that taking such a long breaks from both my YouTube and my blog has had a negative impact. Consistency is key when trying to create a YouTube/blog channel. I know it isn't going to be easy to try and make a comeback from somewhere that I have been absent for so long, but I am willing to try. It's a fun little hobby and with all this free time that I now have a plan to make a good go of it.

Tell me about your blog? How long have you been going strong or is it just a phase?

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