5 Apr 2016

March Monthly favourites

Hi again beauties! Today I’m coming at you with my monthly favourite’s. I never really write these down on my blog and to be honest I don’t really know why. Today however is a different day, a start of a new era. No, I’m kidding I don’t know how regular this will become, but ima give a good go. So let see March.. First off March was my parents Pearl (30th) Anniversary.  Its been hard days, so to see them go out an have fun, drink champagne and have afternoon tea was lovely. I’m so happy for them they are an inspiration. It’s also Easter, which means chocolate! Hell yes, some even made it into my favourite’s Youtube video. So here is a run down with a few added extras:

Bondi sands fake tan: This is actually my favourite tan of all time, not just this month, but now spring is here a pale girl gotta get her bronze on so her legs don’t look see-through and veiny. I actually love being pale and just embracing my natural colour, however I also can get self conscious of how easily bruised and vein my legs are so this beautiful deep tan helps to cover that up without looking fake, orange or muddy. It’s pretty inexpensive and applies like a dream. Really what’s not to love?
Primark Exfoliate gloves: This is a pretty simple product that can completely change your tan game. These gloves are very abrasive without being painful, helping to help exfoliate that old tan off more naturally and make room for the new one. They are also amazing if you suffer with dry skin or ingrown hairs on your legs like me.
Malteaster bunnies: I don’t think I really need to go to into death with these. A must have for most.
Ferrero Rocher Easter Mini Eggs Cocoa: These! Just these! I found these in my local co-op and just OMG! Ferrero is one of my all time favourite chocolates and these are heaven.
Tarte Amazonian Clay foundation: This foundation has been a complete live saver this month and last now come to think of it. I’ve have dry, eczema skin on my face recently due to stress and this has been the prefect foundation to come to my rescue. I defiantly am a firm believer in, if your skin is playing up just let it breath. So most days I have opted to just not wear anything on my face, however sometimes you have days where you do just need some coverage or maybe you just want to feel better about you skin and this is the foundation for that. Its so light on the face, but give a naturally medium coverage to help a girl out. I really have enjoyed using this and its now a ‘go to’ foundation for me.
Tarte lights, camera , flashes Mascara: After falling completely in love with the Tarte foundation I wanted to try a few other products too. I picked this mascara mostly for the pretty packaging, not going to lie, but I’ve actually been really enjoying it. It’s a nice lengthening mascara hat doesn’t make your eyelashes look false and clumpy like some. I do really enjoy volume mascara’s, which I didn’t find this one to be. However I do really enjoy this on my more natural makeup days.
Maybelline color sensatinal lipstick in Midnight Plum (338): Now that the sun has started to show its face in cold, old, England I’ve been finding myself gravitating more towards colour on my face. In particular purples on my lips and this has been my most used shade.  It’s a blue-based purple with a shimmer finish. it applies on very smoothly, and arguable even maybe a bit sheer. I personally like it more on the sheer side as I find I can apply it quickly when I’m out and about with it still giving a good colour payoff.
H&M knitted joggers: Finally the joggers/leggings. These are a bit of a hybrid and to be perfectly  honest I have no idea what they are other then comfy as hell! They where a steal at £3 and have been nothing but good to me on days where I want to be comfy and stylish. Well stylish is debatable as they are defiantly not to everyone’s taste, but I personally enjoy them. There will be a lookbook soon on them and I’m hoping to get an outfit post up on here too if I can up my blogger game.

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