16 Apr 2016

Phillip Kingsley Elasticizer

Hello Lovelies today I have a review for you. It’s actually something I don’t tend to purchase or spend money on in general, which is hair care.  I’ve never been a huge fan of hair care, I don’t really have a valid reason for it either, and I just don’t generally rate it or care. No pun intended. Hair has always been something I’ve struggled with, I’ve never really been happy with the way my hair looks, I bounce from one hair colour to another, toning and bleaching hoping to one day be happy with it. However recently I’ve taken a liking to the way my hair is starting to look and feel so much healthier and if I’m honest it’s because I’ve finally started actually styling my hair and looking after it. Its still extremely thick and if I go longer then 2 days without a hair brush it starts to dread (which is a bit of a nightmare for someone who doesn’t like brushing their hair.)

Before if you said £85 on hair care I would have laughed n your face and walked away, but now I’m actually testing the products my views are starting to change. I have to admit, there was no way I was going to buy a £85 (1000ml) bottle of Phillip Kingley Elasticizer without some force and so this was actually a early Birthday present of my mother (yes its an expensive product, but she’s very sick and wants to treat her family for looking after her at the moment, this isn’t something she would normally buy as a gift.)

Please excuse the fact that my hair dread locks after 2 days of not being washed. :(

The Elasticizer is a "pre-shampoo" treatment, I was skeptical about this as I'd never heard of a pre shampoo treatment, I’ve only ever used or heard of after conditioning treatments. You apply the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer to wet or dry hair (Phillip himself has suggested wet) in sections and then leave for 10-20 minutes before washing and blow-drying as normal. My hair is normal to dry, It’s much dryer at the ends as I've used bleach on it to get it to Ombre. As I mentioned previously, I’m lazy with my hair and o I don’t tend to put anything in it to help it out. However after just one use of the Elasticizer I noticed tremendous result. My hair was soft, sleek and healthier looking. It doesn’t feel weighed down buy product or greasy.  I actually really love the result its provided, I know that they come with a heafty price tag, but if your in the market for a hair care product that will to give moisture and softness back to the hair and help to reverse some of the damge caused then you might want to give this a go. They do come in smaller (cheaper) bottles too.

Do you guys have any hair recommendations? 

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