24 May 2016

Fashion wishlist May16

Hey guys and welcome back. Bet you weren’t expecting a post from me to pop up in your feeds any time soon, well to be honest neither was I. I’ve been away tacking family life and the demons in my head. I believe self-love and reflexion is key in dealing with such issues, but I’m not here to talk about my struggles with mental illness, I’m keeping it light hearted for now.

Today I have jus a nice casual wish list. I looked into my wardrobe last week and wept over the fact that nothing fits anymore. I’ve put on about a stone and a half and that at first devastated me. I’ve now realized hat being able to fit in the same clothes as when you where 17 isnt always a good thing and I should just embrace my body and all its curves. I’m not even large so I’m not sure why I was so offend to go from an 8 to a 10. I guess that’s the media, playing its mind tricks on me again. Anyway here’s my current craves.

As you can probably tell pastel colours seem to be a running theme this summer for me. I’m also feeling the AA red bodysuit, as reds go amazing with the darker browns in my hair.  Bodysuits are my main lust with a few casual easy pieces thrown in the mix too.

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