25 Aug 2016

Fashion Favourites

Summer 2016

I love a good flat lay and seeing my staple fashion pieces lead out like this does indeed spark joy in me.  Todays blog I focused on a couple of my wardrobe favourite’s that leave me feeling like a boss, but at the same time are all kind of easy, effortless pieces.

First up we have the ribbed, burgundy vest top. Guys this top is better for those who like to go braless. I mean you can wear is with a bra, but I find that it’s a very casual, but sexy piece. By sexy I mean as soon as you put on a bra, it’s all about the boobs thanks to its low-v neckline and the fact that its very cropped ends up leaving not much to the imagination. I do of course sometimes where it like this (I like my boobs, what can I say!) but my preferred way is without and that too creates a sexy look but leave you a little less in peoples faces. This one pictured is from Brandy Melville, but H&M and Primark make them too.

Next to that I have my "Ride or Die" ripped up t-shirt. I sort of gave up on slogans for a little while, thinking that basic, minimalist looking clothes where were its at. Its not, I'm a quirky girl (*que Family Guy reference*) and enjoy them. I like looking down at m top and laughing to myself about the looser I am. Ripped up tops are cool and make me feel cool. 

I also have here my Levi shorts. I know, Levis in summer, how original. Haha. But when you get a good fitting pair of high wasted short, you jus roll with them every year until they finally have exhausted their life.  These are pretty new, as fair as vintage shorts go so I’m happy to report they have a good while yet. You can find these bad boys just about anywhere, but thrifting/charity shopping is the cheapest way to get a pair. I love to put this Old Weston looking black belt around them to synch them in just a little more and show off my figure. The belt is actually a cheep £3 vegan leather one from Newlook.

Moving on we have this BEAUTIFUL fitted vintage dress, I believe someone handmade this for themselves and it’s just eventually ended up in a charity shop which is where I snapped it right up. This dress has a lovely slightly lowed back and I love the fact that its gingham. I can pair it with white adidas superstars and denim in the day or with some black strappy heels and a smart clutch back for an evening. I’ve paired it with my amazing new Cutler and Gross shades. I expect you are starting to get sick of these, as they seem to be in favourite’s, OOTD’s and Instagram pictures.  Cant help it, I love them and they are sassy as f**k!

Finally we have my beloved Nike sliders. You cant tell me these don’t look cool on, I wont believe you. They are so comfy, the look effortless and I can wear them with just about anything. I originally bought them for my holiday last year and between these and my Birks I have no need for any other summer shoe.

I hope you enjoyed seeing what I am currently in love with, please let me know what your favourite summer clothing piece is this year?

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