28 Aug 2016

New Skin care


Hey guys, welcome back. Today I thought I would share my basic little skin care routine.  As a beauty therapist I know the importance of looking after your skin and so it is something that I’ve always maintained. However with all the serums and creams available on the market these days it’s quite easy to become overwhelmed and think you need to be using all these extras in your life when you really don’t.
So stripped back all you need to be doing is cleanse, tone and moisturizing. Everything else is added extra’s, granted some can be good and some can be bad, but as long as you have a clean face (cleanse), closing the pores up after clearing them out (tone) and are putting plenty of moister into your skin (moisturizing) you should age gracefully. I do also enjoy a good mask and treatment every once in a while, but it doesn’t need to be in your everyday routine. A once in a while treat is just fine.

So what I’m currently using is coconut oil to clean my face and take off my eye makeup at night, it’s a great cleanser as well as having many other great uses, plus it leaves my skin feeling supper soft and helps with growth to my eyelashes.
To tone, the cheapest solution and what I’ve been doing most days is actually just using cold water splashed on my face. Hot water opens pores and cold water closes them, easy. Pictured I have the PIXI Glow tonic, this is a much more abrasive toner for the skin that I wouldn’t advise using daily, however it does leave my skin looking bright and healthy after every use.

Finally to moisturize I have my Sukin hydrating lotion. You have probably noticed the bottle actually says body lotion, but I’ve used the face one and looked up both the ingredients and they are exactly the same except the body lotion comes in a nice big bottle with a pump lid. Both me and my other half Sydney use this as face lotion so it makes sense to just buy the larger size.
I also have a Sukin facial scrub here. As I stated before its nice to have a treat in some form every now and then and currently mine is a facial scrub. Dry skin used to be an issue for me so a scrub comes in handy, but since changing my diet and drink more water I find that I hardly ever feel the need to use this. Of course I’m sure it will get more use when the British weathers back.

 I hope this was helpful if you were after a new skin care routine. All these product are cruelty free.
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