18 Aug 2016


Summer Haze

Hey lovelies, todays post is a fashion one! Its just one of my comfy 'go to' summer looks. Great for when I don't really know what I'm doing that day and want to wear something that I'm not going to over heat in, but still looks stylish as f**k. The theme of this outfit is the older it looks the better. So I paired this Brandy Melville oversized T-shirt with a pair of vintage Levi 501 shorts. I love this top because its designed to look like its been worn in, with stains and dirt. I’m not really one for wearing white as I'm quite a messy person, so this top works perfect for me because I've added my one extra food stains and none knows any different! The shorts are really a no-brainer, a summer must have and paired with a little black vintage looking belt just finishes off the base of the outfit.
I then put on my trusty chokers from varies places and these amazing bug eyed Cutler & Gross shades that I'm obsessed with. Slipped on my comfy Vans that are in need of replacing and I'm good to go anywhere! 

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