16 Aug 2016

Positive vibes

Hey guys today I want to talk to you about some changes that I want to make in my life both beauty and lifestyle. I've recently been really intrigued into your lifestyle blogs and people’s health and beliefs. This has in turn made me feel like it my little section on the Internet I'd like to bring some positive vibes. I don't so much want to preach to people about how they should live their lives because everyone is different and I believe that everyone should make that own decisions with how they want to live. I do however feel like I want to help make a positive impact on the world for our future children. For me the best way to do this is to change my diet and to support companies that don't test on animals and that don't use child labor.

It's amazing how many companies’ we buy from everyday have such little empathy in how their products are being created. Animal testing and child labor is still a massive issue in the world. Please don't feel like a "bad guy" if you are still supporting company's because at the base of it so am I. So here is the new rules that I am putting into place to begin my personal journey of self-discovery and a more ethical way of life. 

1. Vegetarianism. I've decided to go Veggie and cut meat out of my diet. I feel guilty every time I have meat on my plate and so this is just a no brainier for me. I'm also cutting right back on dairy and finding vegan replacements.

2. No more MAC. I'm no longer supporting companies such as MAC, L’Oreal etc. as they test their products on animals. There is honestly no need in this day and age, but because these companies want more money they continue to do so in order so sell in China. I will be using some products up and just decluttering and gifting away others to friends and family. Stay tuned for some project pans and cruelty free alternatives posts. 

3. Second hand Clothing. This will probably be the one I struggle most with, as fashion is important to me. However I want to try and buy a lot more (not all, baby steps) clothes second hand. I'm also going to be looking at more ethnical clothing company's too, but I have a feeling it's not going to fit my style taste.  

I'm not setting to many rules, as this is a journey that I'm hoping to progress and get better at throughout the years. It would be amazing if anyone reading this could take even just one of these ideas and use it more in their life. Also please feel free to suggest brands and companies I should look into. 

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