21 Aug 2016

Whats in my suitcase

British week away

Hey lovelies, today I have a fun post today. You guys get to have a sneaky look inside my suitcase to see what ill be taking on my trip down to Norwich with my better half Sydney. We will be staying at our friend’s house for the whole visit, because they are super babes and wouldn't let us stay elsewhere. The trip itself is for 7 days and we will be getting tattoos, visiting other friends, taking a boat trip down the broads and lots more. The weathers looking warm with a chance of rain.. Typical British summer to be honest. We are travel down via train through London in 20/22°C weather with chance of rain, so it'll be warm on the trains but cold at the stops. Oh and I'm quite the over packer..

In the Suitcase:

1x Urban outfitters vest top
1x Lady supplies (because you never know)
2x Bralettes
1x Towel (for tattoo ink)
1x face cloth
1x Vintage Shirt
1x Denim Short
1x Strappy heels
1x black clutch bag
1x casual dress
1x black tights
1x Black belt

1x Sleep shirt (boyfriends T-shirt)
1x Bikini set
4x tshirts/vest 
1x bed socks

+Pants & socks 
+ Small makeup/toilettes bag

What I'm travelling in:

1x Pair of Vans shoes

1x Cutter & Gross sunglasses
1x Urban Outfitters vest top 
1x Denim Jacket
1x Blacj ripped jeans
1x Cotton sling bag  

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