14 Oct 2016

Bunny mom

Rabbits are the most abused domestic pet in England and Wales, with 35,000 abandoned every year, says the RSPCA. The animal charity said a survey found that 70% of rescued rabbits had been kept hutched 24 hours a day. Almost 40% had had no food, and half had been living in filthy conditions, it told the BBC. It found that people bought rabbits but then quickly lost interest. On average the abandoned pets it came across had been dumped after just three months. Rabbits are the third most popular pet after cats and dogs and the RSPCA says that rescue centres are struggling to cope with the 35,000 unwanted pets abandoned every year. So of course as someone who has owned rabbits growing up (but now cries and how they lived in their tiny hutch) I felt compelled to want to rescue one of these beautiful, loving creatures.

2 weeks ago I took the plunge and after 4 months of constant research and careful planning I finally decided to head down to my local pet shelter and try and give a little bunny a second chance at the good life.  It was THE BEST decision I’ve made in a few years although it doesn’t come without its difficulties. So let me introduce you to Luna, my 8 month old Harlequin Lop, that me and my better half rescued.

"The Harlequin is a gentle, curious little animal and therefore makes an ideal companion for children and adults alike. They’re a calm, inquisitive rabbit, but as their clown-like appearance would suggest, they do love to be the centre of attention and will thoroughly enjoy playtime with their owner. As one of the more intelligent breeds, the Harlequin will appreciate lots of boxes and tubes to burrow into and climb on. They will also appreciate plenty of space – either in a large run or a secure area of garden in which to indulge their love of exploration and play will be welcomed. Whether you’re rabbit is to live indoors or out, his intelligence means he will love to play training games and will learn to come when called and can also be taught to use a litter tray, which is very useful if he’s going to live indoors!"

I can safely say she loves to be the centre of attention and is very clever and not only working out a solution to the problem placed in front of her, but also manipulating us into doing what she wants. We had her Spayed just over a week ago which has help calm down her chewing and destructive behaviour  but she is a rabbit, so of course there are still times she will do these things as its all only natural for a bunny. She can sometimes be very mischievous, but really it all just adds to her character. We love her deeply, and i highly recommend people researching rabbits before buying one as they are a huge commitment.

If you guys would like more information on bunnies, like litter training, what they eat, how big their cages should be all that jazz, please let me know as i would love to help inform people thinking about getting a rabbit or even if you do own one but would like to improve its lifestyle. 

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